Go Home Rogerrrrrrrr

Go Home Rogerrrrrrrr

The day has finally come…ya girl is all packed up and moved out of her apartment. The apartment that housed my undergrad body. The apartment that sheltered me through nursing school. The apartment that absorbed so many of my emotions through my first big girl job, failed relationships/friendships, and now heading out…WOW..

I know you might be thinking….Girl, move on! Yes, that’s exactly why I’m having these emotions. That was my very first key to independence. No more signing guests into my dorm room. No more annoying roommates I barely knew. No more of anything I was not comfortable with. Now I had big rent with bills. My line sisters and I have been in this place since December 2014!! The countless memories we’ve shared is priceless. Not being able to walk into one of their rooms and discuss our day or even sharing a meal is what I will miss the most. 

I remember the first semester we moved in. We hosted a party that turned into a total zoo! The police was called. Drunken college students were wall to wall. A fight broke out. Surely, we received an eviction notice that Monday..LMBOOOOOO. What the hell were we thinking?! Nothing a little crocodile tears and begging to the leasing manager couldn’t fix! 

This chapter signifies a new shift to the unknown. If you read my previous blog posts, you know that my plan for this year is to start travel nursing in the fall. My sisters and I did not renew our lease as we move on to our next phases. However, due to the Rona, I am not sure how travel nursing will look for me in future. *cues sad violent music*  We’ll get into this later..

The move was extremely emotional for me. I was not expecting to be so teary and moody. The last 5 days consisted of me packing for a few hours then naps in between. My body felt so heavy. I could not focus on one task at a time. Why didn’t anyone warn me?! Shoutout to Kenya & family, Kia, Fred, Stephanie, Dominique, Tai, Markee, Trey , and my mom for all chipping in and making this move as smooth as possible. This week, I took my last shower in my room while playing some Doja Cat, ate some wings, sipped a lil dranky drank, and packed up the remaining items.

For now, I’m enjoying the simpleness of my hometown, Vance.  Home of less than 400 people. No traffic lights. Empty roads. Nearest grocery store about 10 miles away. Home-cooked meals every other day. Being able to walk Zuri without fearing seeing the leasing manger. (Yea I was not paying that pet fee on the lease) Adjusting to my mom walking into my room without knocking like Im in high school again. Seeing my  nieces and other family more. Enjoying being able to take my older family members to their doctor’s appointments. Old people are literally the CUTEST! I do feel a piece of me needed to be back home before starting travel. To appreciate the small things ya know?!

Any of you had to move back home for a period of time or currently home? Share the tea! I’m sure we can relate! In the past week, my mom has requested I burn trash, paint, organize room closets, rearrange furniture, and anything her busy self can get into. She’s going to catch on to my “ I’ll do it tomorrow “ soon! HELP!! Anywho, I’m taking every day one step at a time. I am commuting to work and I honestly look forward every week to immersing myself in Charleston’s busyness. 

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15 thoughts on “Go Home Rogerrrrrrrr

  1. Osprey will always have a place in our heart lol! I def cried when I left Charleston for good (not even at graduation). I felt like I was leaving behind such a monumental part of my life but there was comfort in knowing that I was moving on to the next best thing. I went back home both the summer after graduation and for a month and half after graduate school. As much as I was striving for my freedom back (homies had curfews, chores, moms didn’t cook anymore, whew ) it felt good to be surrounded by family. Good luck on your new journey!


    1. Man we gotta pour some drink out for Osprey!!! Yes, I agree I enjoy seeing my family more. It was a lot of small things I was missing that I didn’t even realize. Thanks sis!!! I need to get my workouts back started now that I have a back yard to utilize lol


  2. Totally understand after i left my job to go get certified in cyber security i moved back home in January. Being home after you’ve had your own place is ass after the first month 😂. The freedom and peace and quiet is irreplaceable. But don’t give up the traveling nurse. Shit travel to elloree and help us


    1. Lmboooo not travel to elloree!!!! Man how did you survive this first month? I already want to run away except when my mama cooking lollll I do miss that quietness! Now you about to make me cry LOLL


  3. I can definitely relate. I only had a short move back home in 2014 before moving into my big girl apartment. I spent the summer reflecting because what I knew to be home (EUTAWVILLE) during my high schools years was no longer the case as I transitioned to Rock Hill permanently. That was easy compared to moving from single apartment life to married house life. I had made many friends that I considered family so getting married and moving away shortly after was super hard for me. While I love the married life, my time with roommates and finding myself was a beautiful season and I will always cherish it.


    1. Yessss! I will miss that carefree time with my roommates! Im looking forward to girls’ trips now! I’m so happy for you and your family!! Your little girl is so precious ❤️


  4. I had to do that move in 2009 after my job w/ Disney. Omg, matter of fact, right after y’all’s vacation in Kissimmee!!! Y’all made me homesick!!! Girl you know mama was trying to police my moves when I got back…Uuuummmm ma’am no ma’am… made that move to Columbia real quick… after three years that got boring and then Miami was the move… and you know the rest🤣🤣🤣 I enjoyed home though. When you’re away by yourself, it makes you miss family even more…especially if they’re a close family like ours!!! Even though y’all did visit, You know I missed yall!!!❤️ We’ll be there w/ you once Rona stop showing out!!!


  5. Love this! You were probably feeling like Will Smith in that last scene of Fresh Prince with the empty house lmao!


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