It’s Ya Birthday, SimplyShon!!

It’s Ya Birthday, SimplyShon!!


Y’all, can you believe it’s been a little over 365 days since I’ve started blogging?!! It flew by sooooooo fast! It feels like just yesterday, I was flirting with the idea of creating an outlet to let you guys into my world. I remember gathering all the details together with my logo, my first photoshoot outfits, blog topics, and just the overall vibe of how I wanted to convey my journey.

When is the last time you’ve done something YOU wholeheartedly WANTED to do? Without any consideration of how others thought of your actions..My blog is definitely a platform that I can say I started with myself at the center..THIS IS FOR ME! I didn’t start this because of my mom, friends, family, or anyone else. It’s my baby and I’m so proud to say I have invested into something I genuinely enjoy. By pouring into myself, I get to pour into others. I love it here!

During my first year, I have been blessed to do some dope collabs and even a paid partnership! Just by being my unapologetic self!! How DOPE is that?! Your feedback has been the most rewarding though! I couldn’t have done any of this without my friends and family providing that unconditional love and support during such a stressful and anxiety filled moment. You all have shown me how loved and special I am in your hearts. I’m so blessed that I can receive the love I put out to the universe. 

The goal of my blog has and will always be to share the contents of my heart..and my soul. I have had so many inspiring and in-depth conversations with my subscribers about my blog topics. From the typing my think-pieces to replying back to comments, this journey has been so therapeutic. It’s like I don’t care who reads or who doesn’t, but that my content can resonate with someone that couldn’t articulate their feelings or needed reassurance that they are not alone in their thoughts. 

The pandemic has forced many of us to dig a little deeper within ourselves while quarantining and slowing down our pace. I hope you all are using this time to focus on whatever you would have been otherwise running from. The pandemic has motivated my creative hand and there’s no other place but up for me! 

The best advice I can give to anyone that’s having a hard time finding their own creative space: 


I place my energy into the authenticity of my content rather than views or shares. That may not work for you, but start by identifying your goals and what direction you would love to go with for YOUR platform. 

Moving forward, I will continue to share my real and raw feelings with you all! We in this together! Send me some topics…LESSSSGOOOOOO! Let’s do life together! Thanks for holding ya girl downnnnnn! Special Shoutout to photographers Tyler & Sean, hairstylist Mia, my sisters who made my shoots – Kenya, Dominque, Brittany, and everyone who has commented and shared!!

2 thoughts on “It’s Ya Birthday, SimplyShon!!

  1. I love reading what you write. You are amazing and a great nurse, person and you inspire me and so many others.


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