Dear 2020,

Dear 2020,

Happy Early New Year Boo Thangsssss! I’m taking this moment to reflect on my many transitions throughout 2020 and I must say (excuse my language) this SHIT has been a lot. I dedicate this post to More life. More love. More laughter. More lessons. 

This is my open letter to 2020.

To: 2020 from ME 

Date : December 31, 2020

Theme: Intentional

Song: Comfortable by H.E.R { For dramatics play song at the bottom of post and THEN start reading} 

*y’all remember writing letters like this in middle school?!! 

2020 I needed you. I needed you to continue to mold me. I needed you to put together pieces I did’t know that were required. Anything that did not work for me …WAS FOR MY GOOD. There were times I said Yes…but 2020 said HELL NO. I may have not understood then..but geesshhh I OVERstand now.

The beginning of this year set the tone for everything I’ve accomplished and managed to pull through. Moving from my comfort zone to a new territory while in a pandemic. Channeling every bit of my emotions to deal with a heartbreak again (we’ll discuss later). Harnessing childhood traumas and realizing how they were triggering my current actions. Carrying burdens that I’m now ready to release. Breaking toxic patterns and becoming more intentional with my moves. It feels good to finally be on the other side of things. I feel like I can finally breathe. I can finally walk up-right. I can finally say ..I’m doing what makes me happy! I have been transparent about a lot of my struggles this year and next year will be no different. I have connected with so many of you that were willing to share your stories, frustrations, fears, and dreams. I’m so blessed and favored to receive the courage to start this platform. I am here to be an example that you can talk about your struggles just how we celebrate our successes. I am by far not perfect but I strive for progress. Progress to be a better version of myself. Looking back on all I’ve been through this year…sometimes I just want to cry (happy and sad tears). Sometimes I do. The way God and the universe has been on my side…I have released the fear that I won’t become everything that I have manifested. I will continue to pour onto everything and anything I touch. What good is potential without action? I challenge you all to do something out of your comfort zone next year…Step up and step out on faith.

Thank you all for riding for me. Most of my posts are unscheduled. Meaning..I do this ish from the heart and straight from the bottom of me!! LOVE YALL ❤️❤️

With the most sincerity I have to offer,


4 thoughts on “Dear 2020,

  1. i know 2021 has great things in store for you! i’ve loved seeing you grow this year, through all the ups and downs. you inspire me & so many otherssssss. love you! happy new year, sis!


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