Miss Rona..Baby, What is you doing?!!

Miss Rona..Baby, What is you doing?!!

Sooooo can I be the first to say even as a nurse, I was taking this Corona Virus lightly between January til the beginning of March. Getting hearty belly laughs from these memes were really the only thing I was keeping up with. We (healthcare workers) come in contact with so many harmful bacteria & viruses daily so my immediate thought was: “oh we’ll just mask up like we do any other respiratory bug and we’ll be okay if it even comes over here”. Well it was all fun and games when America was far removed from the Wuhan virus. Then by mid-March the cases almost tripled here and our healthcare system found itself burden without the necessary materials to combat this pandemic. I was constantly receiving emails from my employer and seeing disheartening news of larger metropolitan areas tallying deaths left to right. My travel nurse subscription emails were even sending listings for COVID-19 needs. 

CORONA VIRUS! ITS GETTING REAL! *In my Cardi B voice* The mixture of social media and the government’s inability to even get a grip on this  pandemic is sooooo mentally exhausting but not surprising ! Mmmmm let’s see: Slavery, the Tuskegee Experiment, Henrietta Lacks, the Central Park 5, Katrina..you get my drift? OK THEN! Uncle Sam is like that family member who always shows up late to the family function with not enough of whatever they were supposed to bring so you still have to go to the store anyway. Then, even after barely contributing to the gathering they take home about 5 carry-out trays. Giving little but taking the most! We don’t have enough testing materials, hospitals are taking donations for supplies, and equipment once deemed as onetime usage only is being used for multiple days. Every week the Center for Disease and Control relaxes on it’s recommendations on protective gear for healthcare workers and still requires at-risk workers to continue to provide care. Wearing bandannas over our mouths is now appropriate. Never thought I would see this day honey. The Ghettoooooo!

One day we’re on instagram watching celebrities confirm they have tested positive in their penthouses looking absolutely normal, then the next we’re seeing Italy mourning over 600 lives a day. It’s becoming a battle of the “Haves and Haves-Nots” as my friend Freddy would say. There’s so many aspects to unpack from this pandemic. Common-folk aren’t allowed to get tested unless they have multiple symptoms and met all the requirements for a certain testing algorithm but a NBA basketball player can get tested merely from losing his sense of smell and taste. Honey the classism stinks! 

Although, I have not personally nursed a COVID-19 patient as of now I feel the burden. I hear and see my healthcare sisters and brothers on the frontlines reusing PPE (personal protective equipment) to their bare bones, risking their lives and families lives everyday, baring the anxiety of not knowing what’s next, and losing confidence in this bottom pit of a war. I find myself getting lost in articles of these courageous hero’s dying and I can’t help but wonder will I be next? I can say nursing has changed my life and I wouldn’t be half of the person I am today without embarking on this journey, but I am also terrified of what’s to come in my future.  I have no faith is this system, but in a higher power that we will be covered. 

This is the time where we have to save ourselves once again. Faith without work is dead. Can I get an Amen?! Flatten the curve. Excuse my language: SIT OUR ASSES DOWN & STAY IN DAMN THE HOUSE.

I want to shake a leg and scream “ayeeeeeee” with my friends all night long but for now I’ll settle for my camera roll of past encounters. Think about the people around you that immune systems can’t even handle a common cold. Use this time to reconnect and make informed decisions. Although, I am still heading to the hospital every week I am using my days off staying on top of my content, preparing for my move, checking in with loved ones,  some home workouts, building my immune, and finding joy in even the smallest moments. 

How do you feel about Miss Rona? What are you keeping busy with during this time? Talk to me! Below are some articles and sites I deem useful! Follow me on Instagram for more posts!

Corona tracker: https://infection2020.com

Building your immune system: http://sacredrootz.com

Congress Relief Bill: https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/27/house-passes-2-trillion-coronavirus-stimulus-bill-sends-it-to-trump.html

18 thoughts on “Miss Rona..Baby, What is you doing?!!

  1. How do I feel about Rona? 🤬 I’m beyond irritated. I won’t go into deep details but I’m heated. I really wish people would listen and stay home unless it’s important. Also, I’m just like you I’m still working. I know what I signed up for as a nurse but being treated with fairness and respect would be nice.


  2. As a big conspiracy theorist i don’t think rona is a big deal. To me it just falls in the category of illness that randomly pop up every other year. My left brain thinks it was created for population control. The precautions they are asking people to take are in my natural routine so it doesn’t bother me. In the meantime though im learning the skill of currency trade. Making money from home.


  3. It’s so funny how often we don’t pay attention to stuff until it hits our “neighborhood” because I definitely did not see this coming honey ok! Corona who? She has made herself known to the whole world and it’s a wake up call for sure. I’ve been calling it a time to stand still which can be truly devastating for some or quite relaxing for others (i.e. me!).


    1. Girl yes!!! I’m taking this time as relaxing. You know when you have that deep down feeling you need to SAT DOWN but you get so occupied by life? I’ve been feeling like that and this is a great time to relax !


  4. I love this and you. Yes everyone was making jokes but it is just getting worse. It’s scary. But you always find a way to make people smile and I’m so proud to say your my nurse.


      1. This is Awesome ….and so are you ….keep up the good work and always remember to trust God my dear niece.💞


  5. as someone who is taking care of these patients everyday, sh*t is real out here. i was definitely one of the nonchalant ones at first. the uncertainty around the situation is taking a toll on my anxiety & i worry about bringing stuff home to bae 😩 but i’m taking it one day at a time! all positive vibes & good energy are welcomeeeee.


  6. Just like the last, I really enjoyed this post! This subject is one that we’ve been hearing about for the past three months so you would think that we could’ve been more proactive. However you pointed out something so important regarding how slowly America moves its feet in times of crisis, especially when the demographics don’t match the majority. Moreover, it’s refreshing to hear from essential workers, like yourself, during this time because the sacrifices that you all are making is selfless. If I haven’t told you personally, thank you for the work that you do. I pray that for your health and the health of other essential workers during this time as well as everyone else. Love you!


  7. thank you for risking your life to care for our people. Please stay safe and we are praying for a supernatural covering over all the healthcare workers. Congratulations on your blog! You have such a way of informing the masses without making it boring. Continue to break the mold! 😘


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