Faith > Fear

Faith > Fear

Hey Y’all!!! Ya girl is finally settled at my new assignment location in DC! But before I get into all of the excitement of finally stepping into my faith, I want to tell you about the struggles I went through to get here.

The Push

You know the goals you hold at the back of your mind? Those goals you never really think you’ll get to do one day? Those goals that keep you inspired to push everyday? Well, that’s what travel nursing was to me. I didn’t think that I would actually get all my ducks in a row to START. My ideal time-line was possibly the summer of fall. After moving back home and not renewing my lease, I had nothing else to hold me back. If you remember my first blog posts, I spoke about traveling in the future. Listen, commuting back and forth to my job was getting so exhausting! I was hating the drive every single week! I was fighting between being scared of leaving everything I knew and saying F*** this job! During the week I would stay with my friends to avoid having to take the hour drive back after a tiresome shift. So basically I would go from home (after not living there in 8 years) to another place that wasn’t mine. STRESS! Shoutout to my girls Kenya, Steph, Alli, & DeeDee for the support! For 4 months I struggled internally until I reached out to recruiters and everything GOT REAL! I had a job offer in the location I wanted within 2 weeks! Talk about moving fast hell!! My hands were literally shaking as I called my manager to tell her I was leaving.

I had so many elements working against me during this time of deciding to leave. My close aunt was constantly sick. I had people question if I was making the right decision in the midst of a pandemic. Was my life worth leaving everything I had known for the past 2 years? Screw peoples’ opinion on your life!

Now that I look back on everything I experienced in the last 6 months….It was all a TEST! Keep going. Keep swimming. Keep fighting for what rightfully yours!

The Prep

Listen Linda! Once I confirmed with my recruiter that my position was secured, everything was spinning! I spoke to other travel nurses and dug deep into travel nurse groups on facebook to ensure I was being compensated fairly. The stars were aligning soooooo perfectly! I only told a few people that I was leaving. I could not handle the extra opinions and naysayers at this pivotal moment. Me and some close friends had a mini cookout at the crib to send me off and that was all I needed! I was so anxious leading into the days of me leaving that I could not focus on anything really.. I was so ready to just leave! I can not tell you half of the mess I packed because I was just throwing stuff in bins.

Show Time

Sooooooo….ya girl is finally settled and I’m getting through my first week with my assignment. The night before the first day I was shaking like a stripper OKURRRRRR!! My nerves were in knots. I was so anxious that I had to take a Benadryl to sleep.

However, after a few days here I see that I have been underestimating my skills. WTF IS WRONG WITH ME?! I can run circles all over this floor! My previous staff position has prepared me for anything…It took me leaving to see it. I’m getting adjusted to all the different personalities here BAYBAYYYYYY! Fortunately, we wear masks 24/7 so my facial expressions are concealed. PRAISE GOD!

Moving Forward

My assignment is 8 weeks and I have no idea if I will extend or where my new spot will be. I honestly don’t care about it exactly at this moment. I’m just basking in the idea that I’m finally in a phase that I was dreaming about. IT FEELS DAMN GOOD!! Maybe I’ll travel for a year. Maybe I’ll travel for 3. IDK! I do know that I will be living my life on my own terms from this point out! I am flexible and willing to do what I need to be sure I am valued. Thank you to everyone who has uplifted me with kind words and gestures. To anyone who feels like they are stuck in your current position, know that you ARE NOT. You have the ability to chance your course at ANY TIME. Make informed decisions and seek guidance if you must. Know that you do not know everything! There is a community of people that need your strengths, talents, and expertise. Do not give up!

Talk to me! What has been a season of growth for you? How are you overcoming? Take me on your journeys!!

5 thoughts on “Faith > Fear

  1. Love love love this! I like your point of just living in the moment right now and figuring out where things will go later. I am such a comfort zone person but I also can notice when I become complacent and that push for something more, but I usually ignore it by saying “you’re good for right now”. I think these years of exploring different things is so pivotal and we often fall short of truly living our BEST life. I look forward to dream chasing with no reservations! I wish you the best of luck on your new journey!


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