It’s Shon Baybeeeeee

It’s Shon Baybeeeeee

What In the world made me start a blog?!

Since the beginning of SimplyxBee, my Youtube/beauty page with my sister Alex B, I’ve enjoyed engaging with so many individuals with similar interest on the net. SimplyxBee is still open for business as we rebrand.

Why Solo Shon?

My growth has become very personal to me, as for the first time in years, I am moving away from my close friends as we embark on our own career & relationship goals. This is my outlet to express myself and a cultivation of self-care. This entire process of creating a logo and even combing the fine design details of this website has been so therapeutic and empowering.

What can we expect?

Being a chameleon of many interests and talents, I plan to bring you all on my journey of : new travel territories, health/wellness, inspirational insight, my nursing goals, fashion, and moreeeeee.

With that being said…

Give me a subscription, reshare, like, or comment!! Special thanks to TWAgency & Tyler Lyles and my friends for assisting me with my vision. Without you, this would still be JUST a thought!

13 thoughts on “It’s Shon Baybeeeeee

  1. so proud of the woman you are & the woman you’re becoming. can’t wait to see what’s in store! you deserve the world babyyyyyyy.


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